Apraxia is a Common Occurrence in Autism

Autism and apraxia frequently coincide, according to findings from the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center.

What is Dyspraxia/Apraxia/DCD

Dyspraxia is a common motor-planning disorder. It affects movement and fine and gross motor coordination. It is sometimes referred to as apraxia or Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD).

Autism: The Movement Perspective

Frontiers in Intergrative Neuroscience: editors Dr. Elizabeth Torres and Dr. Anne Donnellan compile 38 peer-reviewed articles published by 91 authors between 2013 and 2015 that support the idea that movement and sensory differences are core features of autism.

S2C Eye-Tracking Study

An Eye-Tracking study from the University of Virginia reveals agency in assisted autistic communication.

Motor Coordination in ASD

A Synthesis and Meta-Analysis, published in PubMed. " The current overall findings portray motor coordination deficits as pervasive across diagnoses, thus, a cardinal feature of ASD. "

United For Communication Choice

A website dedicated to supporting the human, civil, and legal rights of people with disabilities to choose their most effective methods of communication.

Communication 4 ALL

C4A is working to ensure communication is available to all non-speakers with autism.

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